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    2)Making Gainz
    3)Son Of Perdition
    4)The Pale Rider
    5)Army Of The Dead
    7)Spawn Of Hate
    9)The Velocirapture

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released June 1, 2017



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Perdisian UK

Perdisian are a 4-piece death metal band from the Southwest of England. formed in Summer 2012 as a 5-piece with line up changes later leading to becoming a 4-piece at the end of 2016.

Perdisian's new album, Evocation will be released on June 1st 2017 for download, physical purchase and streaming.
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Track Name: Soulless
lost in ones own mind
voices always screaming
lost in ones own mind
no one wants to die alone
clouded judgement defines me
a soulless being is all i am
tortured from birth
i am darkness formed
torment as darkness forms
no life will suit me
burning in the depths of hell
the flames that raised me
shadows only will remain
Track Name: Making Gainz
i may be a zombie
but i still need the gains
feeding on human brains
pumping weights is my game
i feel the hunger coming on
i need your knowledge and muscle
to carry on hunting my victims
the faster you run
the stronger i become
im gonna eat your fucking brains
to gain all of your knowledge
im gonna wear your sordid skin
to make myself feel human
Track Name: Son Of Perdition
the other slaves of hell
they know my name
and beg for my approval
i only know lust
virgins will forever bleed
as they hang from my walls
i am sin i am destruction
bow down to me son of perdition
the burning sands of hell
incinerate my feet
visions of decapitated victims
as they try to torment me
villages in flames cursing my name
i hear the screams of the unborn
ready to taste my blade
Track Name: The Pale Rider
you plague the earth
with your ill intent
youve sacrifcied all you have left
this is the time
for you to fucking die
the pale horseman has arrived
to conquer the earth
the rider is death
Track Name: Army Of The Dead
come gather round this blood will cure us it brings new life for the dead
come join the clan for this uprising this rotting horde will march on
brothers rip the flesh from their bones
darkness will consume the deeds of old
we are the army of the dead come to unleash all of hell
we will not fall we will conquer we will feast upon your body
eyes forever still watching your every failure
Track Name: Evocation
calling forth the demonic lord
release him from this prison
i call forth the demonic lord
to reign over the earth
bring back the keeper
of this endless suffering
this ancient ritual
this evocation
the ties that bind release the chains
unleash this tortured soul
upon the mortal plane
baal rises from the depths
from my blood he shall be reborn
spirit of all creation
the lord of all desturction
release the chains
unleash this tortured soul
this ancient evocation
Track Name: Spawn Of Hate
cursed by those of whom
have no mortality
no guilt no remorse
i am the spawn of hate
diseased corrupted i left them all behind
a torrent of violence released
fighting rages across the lands
the more the anger takes over
the more my blood boils
someone please save me
from this curse
the ground is stained with blood
marking the end of humanity
the hate rises within
theres nothing left inside
a shell of my former self
i have become despair
Track Name: Ifrit
spawned from the depths
of nonexistence
a grand creature from another world
oblivious to its surroundings
seeking a new host
tortured by the hate of humanity
forced to retaliate
fighting for its survival
fuelled by purest hate
let the symbol burn
bring the creature to life
its demonic presence
will rot this world
let the ground shake
breathe in the stench
of this raging beast
nothing left to sacrifice
ifrit lord of flame
destroyer of worlds
bring the innocent to its knees
plague the sane with insanity
repulsed by deeds of kindness
a beast of bitter hate
hear the tremble of its march
upon holy soil
parade the cultist worship
corpses lie in its wake
the heat of the flames melt
flesh from bone
Track Name: The Velocirapture
hunters of old hunger for flesh
committed to the hunt
hunger drives the blood lust
victims quiver at my feet bodies
dismembered by razor sharp teeth
this is the velocirapture
incited by god